Experience the difference while shopping at Friendly Motor Group

Buying a used vehicle in today's market can be challenging for even the most experienced car buyer. This is where Friendly Motor Group looks to serve the community. We bring carefully selected inventory from big car dealerships to the local market. 

When they arrive on our lot we put them through a triple verification process whereby every vehicle is driven exstensively by the owner and then taken to a partnering vendor for a presale inspection. It is here that a mechanic looks over the vehicle for any major leaks, suspension and drive systems issues, as well as any electrical problems. If the vehicle checks out and is deemed viable for providing its next owner many years of use and service we send it to our detail shop to be disinfected and thoroughly cleaned. Finally the vehicle is sent to a State Safety Inspection station to pass a safety inspection. Then it is presented on the web for you and other local shoppers to see!  

Used cars are... well they are used. Imperfect.  In need care, love, and attention. 

The vehicles we buy have clean records with Autocheck, Carfax, and come with a clear title.  This ensures that we can both offer a reliable product at fair price while also giving us a chance to send anything that is beyond repair back to the auction instead of the consumer market. After the car leaves the shop it comes home to our little dealership for a fresh detail and then a state safety inspection. At this point the vehicle has been inspected 3 times; first by our shops, then by our staff, and lastly by a State Safety Inspection station. Hence we call it the triple verification process. 

Finally we carefully look at other vehicles like ours in a market comparission so we can bring our product to the market at a competitive price.  

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